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Sunday, 24 January 2010

what a bizzare day

what a very strange day. first off i got woken up by a train passing by (had no idea there was a train track there) needless to say it scared the **** out of me haha. made a quick video of my journey back to the main road:

then after about 40 miles or so the exhaust fell off!!!!! turns out that when i crashed on a roundabout yesterday it broke off both exhaust studs, i stopped at the house of a very helpfull frenchman called Arnou:

who spoke not a single word of english but using my molegrips we got one stud out and replaced it and used 3 jubilee clips attached togther as well. at the exact same moment the little split pin that holds the rear brake on RUSTED OUT and fell off, he had already helped so much i decided to not bother him anymore and continued on my journey anyway (still dont have a rear brake now.
i then eventually entered Belgium:

where i stopped in a petrol station to get some fuel and ask if they had a belgian car sticker i could buy. Anyway, one of them was an ex Belgian commando who gave me his knife to pry the badge off his corsa!!! initially i declined but he appeared to threaten me with it so i obliged lol.

here is his car:
and him holding the badge:

he then put his commando hat on:

i am now in a bar with with wifi and a caravan to sleep in for the night, all of the water is frozen and there is no gas so its very cold inside but at least i wont wake up buried under snow :)
the temperature is definatly below 0 (duh lol) but i dont know the exact number, and if i did it would probably depress me lol
peace out people.
see you in france boys
stay frosty

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