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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Porsche museum, oil change and a a frozen helmet

This is the field which i slept in last night about 30 miles west of Stuttgart, i treated myself to pitching my tent rather than just laying in the snow in my sleeping bag.

i called in at this shop to give the honda an oil change, the mchanic is the guy on the right and the owner of the shop is on the left, they also gave me a hot cup of coffee.

I went into a mcdonalds to use their wifi and eat something hot and while i was in there someone left a mint on my seat and then came and found me inside because they guessed i was going to the Elefantentreffen and was impressed with me doing the journey on a C90.

I bought a thermometer so that i could quantify just how cold it now is. -8oC was what it read at 5:30 in the evening. and it got colder, it now seems very ironic that in france my breath would mist up the visor and stop me seeing anything. but now i have to use my breath to unfreeze the ice that forms on the inside of it :)

i am now in a nice hotel so that i can dry the sweat out of my clothes and charge all my batteries ready for entering the Czech Republic tomorrow.
good night people

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