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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Jesus Christ this is a mission

i cant be on the computer for too long so i'll make this brief: my C90 is being a total bitch. there is no reason why she wont start and i have even had mechanics give up and say she cant be fixed, she has petrol and a spark (maybe timing?)
anyway, at the moment the 90 is in the back of a van and i am being taken to the nearest city where there are lots of bike shops and even mobile phone shops (the engine in my bike is the same as a pit bike)
as i was leaving the Elefantentreffen i finally bumped into a guy called Jim from England who was EXTREMELY kind and gave me a full set of vehicle electrics for the 90 so when i get to the city i'll fit them and hope she runs.

this is how much snow we had:
spot the motorbike haha

this is the view out of my tent:

this is my German friend's tent collaopsing under the weight of the snow:

sometimes the 90 runs fine, and when she does she is amazing in the snow, here is me towing a sledge full of fire wood, tents and beer, it took 4 people to push it, or just 1 C90 :)

this is how the bike looks after 3 hours outside a pub

i have to go, off to Dagendorf to fix the honda and then onto grenoble to go skiing

1 comment:

  1. Hey crazy man ;-) Good Luck for your way.

    On Elefantentreffen, there was so many bikers, but you was the craziest of all them.

    But you are very OKAYYYYYYY°

    Gruß Bäuerlein Sven (MEFO-Sprinter)