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Thursday, 28 January 2010

All these stingy Germans done seem to have free wifi so i havent been able to update this for a while, basically it's just been cold haha:

little Honda faithfully took me into Austria:

And then into the Czech republic:

This id the road up to the Elefantentreffen which is my ultimate goal in Germany.

It's now warmed up to -10 which is almost tropical now haha, the only real problem is that my visor keeps turning into a solid block of ice and freezes shut so i can open it either.
tonight i'm sleeping in the forrest again because the campsite isnt open yet, most roads up here are now impassable, even to some 4x4s. im in a pub atm enjoying a beer or few ;)
i can feel the cold and the endurance taking it's toll on my body and after just one i was feeling quite tipsy, but the police cant get up here and the roads are lovely and soft with the snow so i should be okay haha.
I even had a round of applause as i pullesup outside the pub and have even had a drink bought for me purely because i have ridden from the UK on a C90.
God damn i love that little bike.
anyway i've got a tent to pitch, beer to drink and a pot noodle to contruct.
stay frosty

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