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Monday, 25 January 2010

monday 25th, nutella, Luxembourg, Germany and a pie

last night wasnt so bad (sunday night) i stayed in a caravan that had no water and no heating (except this oven which i cooked my leather gloves in to dry them out haha)

this is the caravan:

when i was in the pub that was joined to the campsite i was talking to a quite a few people but a Dutchman said that hius sister-in-law would give me breakfast the next morning. i duly oblidged ad feasted on nutella sandwiches and cheese as well as my own body weight in hot coffee. i also had a hot shower which was perfect and to top it off they even gave me a jumper and some thermal trousers. very very kind of them :) anyway, here are the lovely family.

Just as a random story the guy on the left speaks quite good english and he showed me pictures of two of his friends who rode their C90s to africa last year!!! hmmmm sounds like a plan maybe? ;)

Good old 90 made it to Luxembourg, knew she would

Then she plodded on faithfully to Germany:

The temperature isn't too bad really and it isnt snowing so as i'm dry i'm lovely and toastie

dont know where im sleeping tonight; havent worked that one out yet. A hedge me thinks

i would like to say thank you to Henry Delage who is a manager of some kind for Mcdonalds who has given me free wifi access and a free hot apple pie. Thank you Henry :)

anyway, ive got a pie to eat

stay frosty

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