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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Day 3

Well, the idea of keeping the blog up to date didn't exactly go to plan (this trip was a bit hectic and a lack of wifi) so I'm now doing the blog as more of a story.
Anyway, day 4:
The three bikes started fine and we set of first thing towards the colder temperatures of south Germany. Glenn and Ladie were still blissfully unaware of how cold it can get down there in January but I thought I'd let them find out for themselves. We just kept hitting the miles and stopping for fuel when needed. I changed the oil on the Glenn and Ladie's bikes in a little French village and the local garage took the old oil for free. At about 5 we had our first ride with it snowing and it was rather pretty actually. The temperature was about 1oC in the evening. We all decided that a kebab was a good idea and got laughed at by the restaurant owner for riding bikes in the snow at this time of year but we've come to expect it now haha. Other than the kebab the only highlight was the hotel which was €115 EUROS!! But we treated ourselves. Total miles covered on day 4: 290, bed at 2am, -5oC at night. Slept 20 miles West of Stuttgart

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  1. I found the Swiss offish when i cycle the Danube. Its a country I wont be going back, The generosity of the people's surrounding was overwhelming.