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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Start of day three

The first 2 days didn't exactly go to plan. The first 300 mile run up to Dover was going well until when just going past London, Ladie's engine failed, the inlet tapper had turned to cheese and collapsed. I managed to do a temporary bodge by jamming it partially open but it only lasted for another 75 miles before it gave up totally. Then someone (me) decided it would be a good idea to tow the bike (behind another bike) into London. Where it could get fixed. Needless to say towing a fully loaded c90 behind another fully loaded c90 with two pilots who really should have been more carefull was definatly interesting. At one junction Glenn pulled away two fast after the rope went slack, did a huge wheely (his cocktail sausages flew out of his basket and acros the road) both legs were out and shouting god knows what. Anyway somehow we got to a Travelodge and rested. The next day went really well, down the road was a Honda garage and he had a box of c90 bits. £2.91 later and stripping the top end of the engine down in Travelodge car park all was well. They didn't have a new head gasket so I'm using the old one but 150 miles later it's still good.
Oh yeah, THE VAN: while we were riding in a 30 in Croydon doing 30, a horn starts beeping from behind, I look round and a White van man is signalling for us to all move over so he can go past, bearing in mind that there is a car 50 metres in front we keep going doing the speed limit and stay in the correct position. More tooting happens and he tries undertaking but can't fit. Anyway, while we're still following traffic so decides so overtake in the 30 across double whites and then pulls in and CRASHES into me. He was obviously a twat but luckily I had my helmet camera running and will be sending the footage to the police. It'll be interesting to see what they do :)
Anyway, then we just road to the tunnel, got it and then rode 100 miles into France, now we're setting off again, got to do 350 miles today because of Ladie's bike breaking.
Laters, stay frosty

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